What a typical studio day is like.

I love hearing about how full time artists describe their life. This is almost exactly how my studio days sound. But I wish I could do this everyday, not just the one or two days a week now. I have the most ambition and creativity in the mornings. Making art after a full day of work is much more of a challenge… my creativity gets lost at the end of the day. There is nothing better than stepping into your studio with a pot of coffee and a full day to create.

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Here is an excerpt from a recent interview from Alyson fox from Camille Styles.com

“Okay Alyson, walk us through a typical work day.

Wake up and out of bed by 7, walk our pup, do some yoga, eat breakfast, tidy up the house, shower, check e-mails, check to-do list, start working on anything that has a deadline, stare at blank walls, neck rolls, play with our pup, draw, computer work, lunch, draw, write down ideas that come to me, snack (I walk to the fridge often hoping something delicious has magically appeared), work on something new, look at old work, repeat some of the above, write a to-do list, wrap up studio time and start making dinner about 6:30. Relax with my husband….but sometimes that involves him helping me with something.”


Love it.

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