Summer Road Trips.

I love Road trips in the summer: The excitement of packing up the car filled with clothes, food, beer, and the possibility of going somewhere other than the daily routine. We gathered the dogs in the car and left the city.
This was Ty’s first road trip.
He was a little confused as to why it took so long to get where we were going, but when we got there, he was very happy: A dog’s dream… So many smells, so many things to discover.
Ruby Lake: possibly the best place on earth.

I enjoy it there so much: reading, eating, drinking, thinking, relaxing, spending time with family, it’s always fleeting though, back to real life.

There, and There.

Two new paintings added at Modern Country Interiors Saskatoon on 808 Broadway Ave
“There”, “and There.”
Come check them out! The Saskatoon Fringe is on until August 10th as well!

"And There", 2013, Amy Barrett 16"X16", Oil on canvas, Framed
“And There”, 2013, Amy Barrett 16″X16″, Oil on canvas, Framed
"There,  2013, Amy Barrett 16"X16", Oil on canvas, Framed
“There, 2013, Amy Barrett 16″X16”, Oil on canvas, Framed

toronto, you’re pretty and nice, but…

It’s nice to get away.

It’s been a long day– It seemed like I didn’t really sleep last night. I kept looking at the clock, and then waking up at 3AM to get on our early flight. Tried to sleep on the plane, but was tossing and turning.

Finally arriving…So happy seeing my sister.
Her apartment is on the sixteenth floor. It’s very unnerving being up so high…

We walked in the warm sun and admired the green grass and potted flowers!
got lunch… and shopped around.

There are so many people here. It is fast, and the buildings are tall.

Did I mention that there are so many people?—Today, I felt reminded by the city that I am just a bug. So many people who dress the same, so many people that walk so fast.

The pace is different here. It really is so different than how my life is in Saskatoon.

I am really enjoying it here so far– it’s a nice change of scenery.

I will maybe prematurely say that on day one– it’s just not for me. But Toronto, I will keep an open mind!

Salmon, scallops and rice and things for dinner

Tonight we are going to a comedy club– and seeing two friends that I haven’t seen in a long time!