We are all collectors of material things in the rituals of everyday life. These things help us to stay nourished, clothed and sheltered. We spend much of our days searching, shopping, gathering, acquiring, and handling these tools. They may be useful/useless, beautiful/ugly, sharp/soft, old/new, fragile/strong, gifted/purchased, found/stolen.  We display them on our walls or store them away inside drawers and closets. The more we accumulate these things, they act as a representation of our personal style, economic status,  and become an extension of who we are. 

I paint these things in systematic ways as a record of their existence.  I strive to untangle traditional still life painting in which inanimate objects are primarily depicted with a focus on aesthetics rather than illustrating an allegorical meaning. While I am partly driven by my love of colour and attitude to seek order in a chaotic world,   I aim to examine the domestic and feminine context behind these objects.  These objects are familiar, intimate, and exposed. One by one their presence is captured in time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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