Today I really wish I was at home painting (Anti 9-5)

Today I really wish I was at home painting (Anti 9-5)

Today I am inspired.
Today I am stuck at work.
Today I wish I was at home making things,
Instead I am here thinking of all the things that could be,
and I am here, thinking & dreaming.
Then when I come home after work, as always, make something to eat, and I have forgotton all about all of my ideas, or do not have any energy left.

I’m writing a children’s storybook.


So many different ways I could write and illustrate this story…
I can’t make it have too many morals and too many stories and too many characters I feel like I have enough story ideas for at least 5 books.
I’ll just pick one idea and go from there.

drinking prosecco and raspberry juice.

maybe this is turning into an arts & crafts & drinking blog?

Coffee and organization

I like the mornings, waking up to a cup of coffee, walking into my studio, everything is quiet, the sound of the furnace kicks in, and I look outside at the cold air, and the exhaust coming out of the houses across the street. My toes in fuzzy wools socks, I can make anything today. I could do this all the time. 20130117-100057.jpg