Teacup Painting.

I started collecting teacups years ago.
Each of them has a significance: Gifted by someone I love, something I picked up travelling around, or even inherited by someone who passed away.

It’s funny: I don’t drink tea from them. Although I do have romantic ideas about having a tea party someday. They maybe have become too sacred to use at this point.

What do you collect?
Teacup Cabinet Painting By Amy Barrett

Teacup Painting Amy Barrett

Laying on the hardwood floor.. thinking about how there seems to be something off with this painting…

It seems that I paint a little here and there with this painting… and once I get it to a point where I feel I am finished, I take a step back… or lay back, and see that I must change this one thing.. and then it’s two things, and then I have almost painted over the whole thing.


It will be finished eventually.

The process…