To Share or not to share?

I have not been sharing lately. My art, that is.
I spent december scrambling to finish Christmas presents.. including a first draft of a children’s book (for adults?)… and January Renovating the basement, and redecorating upstairs..
There was a point where I thought last month that maybe I didn’t want to share the things I make and do, especially the process.. I started to become overprotective, and secretive..
But I have come to realize that sharing is a part of the process now too. Artists need to share their creativity.. The process as well as the results… it makes me happy to see my creations in the virtual world.

So I am doing a little tiny drawing tonight… a little sneak peak.


Shop till you drop!

Shop till you drop!

Today was a slow start— we have a little too much fun last night!

We shopped all afternoon. I found some nice things, and some dresses for two weddings coming up in June.

Yes I realize my new Laptop case and dress are both teal with white polka dots… it was not intentional — really!

Spring Colours


I am happy that I found some things shopping today. I have had a hard time in the past finding clothes that fit right or feel good and look good. I am beginning to curate a wardrobe that reflects my understanding of my personal style, happiness and comfort… These are my favorite colours– for painting, for decorating, for wearing.
I look forward to the time of year when you don’t have to wear 3 or 4 layers and wooly socks… it’s almost time for a light blouse, and jeans… enjoying the outdoors again… soon enough. I feel like I have been cooped up inside for too long. Today, there is still 4 feet of snow, slowly melting… but the sun is shining and the light wind blowing. Happiness.